Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inujirushi bags

Currently the object of otaku-like obsession. I had momentary reservations about how well one would fit with a voyageur bike, then I realized I'm making it up as I go along - liking it and if push comes to shove, the stratospheric price, are the main considerations.

The manufacturer's name is an easter egg in and of itself. The standard translation on the net seems to be Inujirushi = Dog Brand. The first part (inu = dog) is pretty obvious, but when one googles jirushi, the first hit is for Uma-jirushi - horse insignia.

"Uma-jirushi (馬印 lit. horse insignia) were massive flags used in feudal Japan to identify a daimyo or equally important military commander on the field of battle. They came into prominence during the Sengoku period. While many were simply large flags, not very different from sashimono or hata-jirushi, most were three-dimensional figures, more like kites, and in the shape of bells, gongs, umbrellas, or streamers." *

A 3-D samurai helmet insignia (properly outfitted with streaming vidcams and UV LASER EYES!!) for the dogs to wear while tearing around with me on the voyageur bike? Yes, please. And yes, I love tangents.